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BiiU Management Organization
This is BiiU
BiiU Management organization of USA is the first consultation  and  training  company  specializing  in integrated performance improvement (IPI) of enterprises. Ours businesses only include HRM and performance.
  ·  One of the largest HRM consulting company of China
  ·  Member of ShenZhen management consulting association
  ·  Associate of World Consulting Association (WCAQ)

Hr Management Consulting
Expert in Humen Resoures Management
  ·  HR management
Recruitment, Training, Salary, Performance, Planning,  Promote System, Employee Relations, Professional Development, HR Potential exploiture ......
  · Team Work
Training a person's skill in cho- osing behaviors and actions that support relationships with- in a team and lead toward the accomplishment of work tasks 


Supervisor Management skills
Presentation Skills. Time Man-agement. Quality in the Team. Writing Skills. Delegation. Oral
Communication. Sales skills, Project Planning......


Professional HRM software, Especially design for Chinese enterprises



Balance Score Card (BSC)

  This PM guidance relates to the management of employee performance (i.e., planning, developing, monitoring, rating, and rewarding employee contributions), rather than performance-based or performance-oriented approaches to managing, measuring, and accounting for agency program performance. 
Integrated Performance Improvement (IPI)
  IPI will help you discover and measure the integrated key behaviors that bring results and improvement it. Then we’ll show you the way to achieve your company’s optimal performance goals. Especially pay  attention to the procedure and implement power.
Key performance Indicator (KPI . KSI)  
  Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPI or Key Success Indicators (KSI), help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals.  it needs a way to measure progress toward those goals. Key Performance Indicators are those measurements. 
HRM Consulting
  Today’s China has become one of the largest potential markets in the world. More and more international enterprises are conducting and developing their businesses in China . However, many companies are facing difficulties HRM matter.

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